Romance: Chicken Cutlet Princess

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Romance: Chicken Cutlet Princess Empty Romance: Chicken Cutlet Princess

Post by lonelyduchess on Sat Mar 27, 2010 3:13 pm

Name of Manga: Chicken Cutlet Princess
Genre: Romance
Link to Manga: CCP
Short summary: In a school well-known for its clubs, there was a group of people that absolutely adored chicken cutlets. They formed a club consisting of 3 people. The club soon came across a problem. The club president, Tao Yong Xun, made a deal with the Guitar Club. In order to keep their club room, they have to get the "Wicked Prince" to join their club before the end of the next school day. From there, the story climbs revealing an interesting relationship between Tao Yong Xun and the "Wicked Prince", Zhou Yu Xi.

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