Stand Up! Released Chapters & Schedule

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Stand Up! Released Chapters & Schedule

Post by flyingcow on Mon Feb 08, 2010 8:28 pm

Get your Stand Up! fix here!
I just found out that the next volume of Stand Up! is coming in May. With that news, I will be releasing chapters twice a month starting in May and ending in Autumn. Enjoy! C:

Since release of volume 3 of Stand Up! has been delayed, I will also delay the release of the next Stand Up! chapter by a week or two from the date stated below. As you may (or may not know), we get our raws ourselves so this will allow time for shipping, scanning, and cleaning the raws. Thanks for your patience.

Volume 1
Chapter 1: Get Stronger!!
Chapter 2: Strictly Boxing
Chapter 3: A New Punch!!
Chapter 4: Knuckle Carnival, Opening Round!
Chapter 5: Ayumu's First Match!

Volume 2
Chapter 6: Ayumu's Ability
Chapter 7: And the Winner Is - to be released 6/4/10
Chapter 8: Iron Wall Defense!! - to be released 6/18/10
Chapter 9: Fight with Fear!! - to be released 7/2/10
Chapter 10: Unstoppable Evolution - to be released 7/16/10
Omake: Day of Training

Volume 3
Chapter 11: ??? - to be released 7/30/10
Chapter 12: ??? - to be released 8/13/10
Chapter 13: ??? - to be released 8/27/10
Chapter 14: ???? - to be released 9/21/10

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