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Post by flyingcow on Mon Jan 11, 2010 5:58 pm

Mr. Fullswing
Genre: Sports, Comedy, Shounen, Ecchi
Read @ OneManga
Summary: After being crushed by another girl who's in love with a guy on a sports team, Saruno disavows anything to do with sports... until he falls in love with the baseball team's manager! Thus begins the story of Saruno's crazy quest to win the love of his life's heart while making his way up the ranks of the baseball team.

This is one outrageous series! It's full of antics, very fast-moving, and has lots of lols to go around. There's a lot of fan service in this series so if you're the conservative type or is just too plain young, then this series isn't for you. Otherwise, try out this series - it's very similar to Ace of the Diamond except much more wacky. Muuuuuuuch more wacky!

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