Mukougawa no Masaka Chapter 3 RELEASED!

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Mukougawa no Masaka Chapter 3 RELEASED! Empty Mukougawa no Masaka Chapter 3 RELEASED!

Post by flyingcow on Sun Apr 18, 2010 6:44 pm

The long awaited chapter is finally here!
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Translation Notes:
As stated before, the title is the name of the monster and the weapon Masaka uses. Keukegen means "real feathery/winged hair" while Tsumujimaru means "revolving circle" which pretty much explains the weapon used.

Katz's name is actually Kachi in katakana which technically mean's it's based off of an English word. "Catch" and "Catsy" sounded like a dumb name so I decided to turn it to Katz.

Kouji was another name that was spelled in katakana. I decided to leave it as is. Seriously, what is it's English equivalent...? >_<

Daidarahocchi means "great big master of consumption". ...Ok, I kinda fibbed on the consumption part but Ho means method or law and well, it seems like he's one big eating machine, so to speak, so there you go. Maybe you can call him Great Big Master Stomach. XD

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