How Old are the Characters?

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How Old are the Characters? Empty How Old are the Characters?

Post by flyingcow on Mon Mar 29, 2010 10:50 am

I've been wondering about this for awhile... just how old is everyone in the manga series? :?

He's either around a junior or a senior high school age. He looks like he would still be jr high (i.e. middle school) kid but
in the second volume, it shows that he's a bit of a late bloomer. He may be a high schooler after all...

I think he's around late teens to early twenties. He can't be that much older than Ayumu, imo.

I figure he has to be in the 40s at least. He may be older though but it's hard to tell.

The same age as Ayumu. Middle-schooler to senior high school age...

Around the same age as Ayumu but maybe a few years older. He comes off as being more mature... er, except his laugh. <_<;

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