Application Guidelines

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Application Guidelines

Post by flyingcow on Mon Jan 04, 2010 1:33 pm

I'm always looking for team members. No experience necessary to apply.

Please answer these points in your application and make sure you make a new thread for your application:

1) Name
2) Position you are applying for. See below for what each position does.
3) Level of experience (beginner, several chapters, etc). If you have experience, please provide a link to your previous work(s).
4) Particular series you would like to work on. (see below for list of available series)
5) Anything else you would like to say about yourself.

***Please make a new topic for your application!!***

I will be contacting applicants via PM here in the forum so make sure you didn't turn off that setting in your profile.


Currently looking for....

Translators - available series: King Golf, Inazuma Eleven
Cleaners - looking for someone to work on Stand Up or King Golf


Current Series We're Working On:
Inazuma Eleven - soccer manga
Stand Up! - boxing
King Golf - golf
Mukougawa no Masaka - horror, fantasy (last release in May)


What Does Each Position Do?
Scanner/Raw Providers: Those who digitize manga by scanning them into the computer.

Translators: Translate Japanese to English raws. If you have the manga in your own language and can translate to English, that's fine too. (i.e. Chinese -> English, Korean -> English, etc)

Editors/Cleaners:* They prep the manga so it's ready to be typeset. They're responsible for cleaning the gutters, wiping out the text, redrawing backgrounds, leveling, and generally anything that needs to make the manga look nice for a release. See The Idiot's Guide to Editing Manga to get a feel of what an editor/cleaner will have to do.

Proofreaders: English speakers who can spot spelling errors, grammatical issues, and sentence structure and know how to fix them.

Typesetters:* Type in the English translations into the text bubbles, boxes, and backgrounds (for sfx). Can double as Proofreader as they're typesetting at the same time. See The Idiot's Guide to Editing Manga to get a feel of what a typesetter will have to do.

* Possession of a graphic software is required for these positions. I don't care which software you use be it Photoshop, Corel, GIMP, or what have you as long as the results are good. I will not provide you with any software or links to where you can get software other than GIMP which is a free graphic software. If you don't have a graphic software, then please do not apply for these positions.

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