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Post by flyingcow on Mon Jan 04, 2010 1:03 pm

Genre: Sports
Read at OneManga
Summary: Teppei Sakamoto is a country-boy who grew up playing soccer with only three people, one of which is his older sister who taught him how to play. During his high school year, his sister invites him to join the Mizumoto High School Soccer team, a team she built specifically for Teppei. How will this soccer newbie fare in a new environment with a full roster of players?

This is hands down one of the best soccer manga's I've read! It's even better than Whistle! imo. The story keeps moving, the characters are interesting, and "watching" the plays keeps you on the edge of your seat. On a side note, Teppei bears a striking resemblance to Sho from Whistle.... <_<

I clean/typeset for this groups other manga Diamond no Ace under the name "rioka" so if you're interested in helping out, apply in the Aozoro-no-Kumo forum. Beginners are welcome!

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