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Post by flyingcow on Mon Jan 04, 2010 12:48 pm

Diamond no Ace (aka Ace of the Diamond)
Genre: Sports, Comedy
Read at OneManga
Summary: Sawamura, a pitcher from a country high school, accidentally gets teamed up with a catcher from another school with an elite baseball team. He decides to attend the school that this catcher plays and become the teams ace!

One of the reasons I read this manga is because Sawamura makes the funniest faces ever! So amusing! XD
Other than that, the cast of characters are interesting and story-wise, it's about a talented guy thrown in among a slew of other talented guys and the struggle he faces climbing up to be the best.

I clean/typeset for this manga under the name "rioka" so if you're interested in helping out, apply in the Aozoro-no-Kumo forum. Beginners are welcome!

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