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Genre: Martial Arts
@ OneManga
Summary: Washitzu Naosata, the ruler of the powerful state, Unabara, is looking for his successor. He calls upon all his 31 sons, and tells them to search for whoever they believe to be the strongest martial artist of all. Each of their chosen martial artists then are to fight against each other until only one is left standing. Whoever is the winner, whoever has the strongest martial artist in the nation by his side will become his successor...

If you like Rurouni Kenshin, then you'lll like Gamaran. Gamaran is a historical manga with fighters from all kinds of schools; some who use katana's, bow's and arrows, naginata's, good ol' martial arts, and other interesting weapons. It's a fight to the death with a lot in stake - mainly, death awaits those who loose.

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